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Traditional Venetian papier-mâché mask used by doctors in 1500 to protect themselves from the plague.


This traditional Venetian mask has a very ancient history dating back to the famous 15th century plague doctors. 
The mask was originally designed as a protection against miasma, that is the air that according to the doctors of the time
 was soaked with the plague virus.
 The mask's iconic long nose was originally filled with herbs that were supposed to protect the person wearing it.
Maskerelle proposes the version of this mask made and decorated by hand in Venice with non-toxic acrylic paints and
 paints and with the gold leaf technique. 
In the event that the mask is not in stock, it is possible to send an e-mail to with code 1116DP01.
The mask is complete with satin ribbons to give the customer the opportunity to wear it. It also has a hook to be hung 
as a piece of furniture.
 The artist's signature on the back and the certificate of guarantee give proof of the “handmade” in Venice by Maskerelle.
.  Measures cm. 37x18x14 weight 1.3 kg. 

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