Is has been proven …”that material  is not created nor destroyed but can only transform“.
It is not for art that is the highest expression of creation/making.
We can all do it, we just need to stop for a moment and listen to what the world has to tell us.
I started to listen and tell through my creations what I felt and the more I listened the more I could faithfully express my art.
So I decided to give a name to my form of expression, and I called it


as it is  through the creation and decoration of Venetian papier mache masks that I can express what I have inside. Freedom of expression is a value that can not be measured in money, at least that is for me.
I have always had the desire and the ability to create and decorate, to “play” with the colors and with various materials.
I attended the Art School in Venice and after a few years I found myself working at a Venetian masks shop, where I saw and practiced their creation and the various decorations. I learned from various artists many painting techniques, i know the world and the ancient history of Venetian masks with their charm.
Even today, after many years, I have not abandoned this area that gave me a lot of satisfaction.