Colombina Harlequin


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Colombina mask in papier-mâché decorated by hand in Venice.

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Colombina mask modeled in papier-mache, like all masks of the Venetian tradition and subsequently hand-decorated in Venice with non-toxic colors, stuccos and acrylic paints and with gold or silver leaf inserts. Maskerelle first of all wanted to dedicate this mask to the clothing of the typical Harlequin servant because it recalls the various colors of the patches that Harlequin used to cover the holes in his uniform. In an important way, Arlecchino is always present in the Commedia dell’Arte written by Carlo Goldoni as a poor servant, smart and in love with the servant Colombina. You can wear this mask in Carnival parties because it is equipped with satin ribbons or keep it as a piece of furniture. In conclusion, each creation is signed on the back by the artist and the certificate of guarantee of the “handmade” in Venice always included. If the article is out of stock you can request it by sending an email to specifying the code. The waiting time to receive the mask varies from 20/25 days (except for complications).

Dimension 9x18x9 cm. Weight 1 Kg. (including packaging)

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 9 cm