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In our catalog, the Steampunk Colombina Collection could not be missing.


In our catalog, the Colombina Steampunk Collection could not be missing.
Firstly to remember for the uninitiated, Steampunk is an artistic and cultural movement
 of the 80s / 90s and is part of a branch of science fiction fiction. Their motto is "what the past would be like if the future had happened earlier". 
Victorian London is the preferred setting for steampunk authors, who populate the city 
with steam cars and computers with brass and leather keyboards. That said, Maskerelle has made a series of Steampun style masks, each one of them 
is unique and each mask has a Steampunk meaning.
The application of bolts and simulations of machinery, hinges, clock gears, every 
single piece is not put at random. It is then colored black and brushed with gold.
The mask is equipped with satin ribbons, signed by the artist 
and including a certificate of guarantee of the "handmade" in Venice.
In conclusion, if the item is out of stock you can request it by sending
 an e-mail to specifying the article code.
The waiting time to receive the mask varies from 20/25 days (except for complications).

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Dimensions 17 × 8 × 8 cm